Ten2Hundredis a business consulting firm, that has been a leading pioneer in the industry for more than 35 years With theSME industry as the target, Ten2Hundred specializes in FMCG and MSMEcompanies like food and beverages, Building Materials and Manufacturing.”

 In my many years of working, I have implemented various Business Models as each brand, product, and service should be handled with a unique and innovative business mindset that suits the clients aptly. The standard operating procedure and the execution for each product will vary vastly as a business plan that suited a particular client and brand will not suit the other.

The expectation and mindsets of the distributor, supervisor, and consumers will vary from brand to brand and product to product. Therefore, we adapt and change our business plan in such a way that it suits the brand, product, and the consumers that buy it.

  • TRUTH is the core value of my company.
  • The key principles I follow are honesty, hard work, and sincerity.

AboutOur Founder

Sampath Mohan, Founder.

Sampath Mohan, the founder of Ten2Hundred, is not just another business consultant or digital agency owner. With nearly more than two decades of business consulting experience, he has established himself and his team as one of the best leading business consultants.

In the past, he had worked with brands such as EID Parry, Ampro Biscuits, MTR Foods, Asian health & Nutrifoods, just to name a few. Having established a team that works hands-on with each client to know what sales and marketing strategy to implement for the best results, Sampath Mohan oversees a business with expertise in Distribution, Advertising & sales promotion, human resource, and much more.

With more than 35 years of experience, he has implemented various business models that suit each brand and company uniquely so as to compete directly and effectively with their competitors. He has adopted a very distinctive USP as his motto – ‘Making the client’s USP successful’.

Business Consulting Firm

Thiyagarajan Ganesan

People Manager with 20 years of Sales & Marketing experience in the building materials industry, Finance Industry & Water Treatment.

Started Vijayawada branch operations after the split of state and took 100% growth in the first year of operations. Handled North and central TN with 100% Achievement of annual targets for the Bigger branch. Restarted the Operations for ACC after 12 years and established a strong market share

Started the Branch operations in coonoor for Citi Financial consumer finance india Itd and proving that a strong market do exists for Small ticket size loans and Insurance products in smaller towns of TN.

Started the concept of dealer Management for Cross fields Marketing pvt ltd for the industrial water treatment process. Strong team Manager with attrition under less than 5% in the entire carrier.Good Negotiator for closing the projects.

Grow yourcompaniesin the areas you meant to.

Ten2Hundred we never make any false commitment with our clients on services that are beyond our capability and are very truthful with them when establishing the ground reality. We strategically plan and execute the services to get the desired result.

Who we are

Ten2Hundred is a top business consulting agency, that aims to promote, grow, and develop SME businesses on a global scale, using innovative business marketing strategies and models.

How we work

With a goal drive mindset, our team of experts works closely with each client and stands by their side through all challenges to provide indomitable growth, ROI, and brand outlook.

Why choose us

Growth. We are evolving creatures and are constantly evolving, similarly, the main scope of our business consultancy is to make our clients advance and grow towards success.